Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Keeping on Ice

 As I said, more Dynagon Ice cards to add to the pile!

So, anyone else out there picky about the uniforms used throughout a set for a team? I'm not, but it does score extra points if the same uniforms are used on all the base shots. It looks so much smoother if each player on the team is in the same home or away jersey...or even an alternate. Here we get three jerseys with the Bruins. It's okay, but just a small complaint.

I will say the small and subtle "rookie" just above the name is a good way to go for noting it without it taking up the whole card.

Fabulous to be near half the set I think, so far. A few dupes and the rest...

A few Topps basketball cards, and some dupes from Dynagon round out the day.


  1. I haven't seen nearly as many different hockey sets as I have for other sports over the years, but this one sure is nice. It really stands out too, because the design never was shared with any of the other sports.

  2. Totally forgot that Hardaway played on the Nuggets.