Thursday, February 17, 2022

Post In A Post

 Always like finding some new Post Cereal cards when going through big lots like this.

Unlike the post sets from 1991 and 1992, I don't have many of these which are from 1994. No surpirses for these names being used in the 30 card set really, all stars of the time.

Continuing with the baseball theme, we have one 1999 Upper Deck subset Blue Jay.

This lot has been very much more hockey and basketball weighted, so nice to even see a bunch of baseball cards, even if I won't be keeping these ones.

THat Thunder set Wells screams late 90s in design.

A bunch of cards from the late 90s, and the Vanguard Maddux is nicely thick. Could be better with the action background, but I still like it.

If I get a run of those acetate Ice cards from Upper Deck, I'd go after that set. I really like the see through look on them, like the 1997-98 McDonalds cards.

I don't often seek out trades on TCDB, but I did with vanstryland who I never traded with before. The reason? In one trade, I was able to get all of my 1993 Fleer Final Edition needs met.

I got my upgrade for Hammond, I get "proper" copies of the Rangers cards because the ones I had were miscuts for the error binder, and a couple dupes for uncorrected error cards as well.

Usually it isn't quite that smooth in trying to finish off a set with 10 or so cards needed, but I am thrilled to have this one done so quickly - from none to done!

Appreciate the trade vanstryland!


  1. I completes that Post set last year. The green marble border is really nice!

    1. Yes - the border really does look excellent. Draws the eyes well.

  2. I built the Post baseball set as a kid, but it got lost in the shuffle. I have recently been rebuilding it. Definitely nostalgic for me.