Saturday, February 12, 2022

Some Last Club Members

 As I continue to wind down on this purchased lot of cards (the 20 in 20....I've been going through in 2021 and 2022), looks like I might squeak to 25k in cards for a lot which was sold as being 10k - 15k, so well ahead of the game there.

Also, we get what are probably some last entries into the Stadium Club set additions for the 1992 Baseball edition

I have no interest in completing a master set as there are apparently copyright differences so that cards have two different letterings in the copyright details on the back (for example, and A or B before the line). Great for those collectors who care about that level detail, and as I will probably care for the Jays collection, I will not care for my 900 card set pursuit.

So, will care for Todd - but not yet. I know I need to go back and check all my Jays anyway.

I'd probably check for my error collection too since each card is technically a different printed error.

Been a dabbling of the early 2000s Upper Deck flagship hockey, and what seems to be spread across most of the last week's pulls with more Upper Deck basketball.

I should go back and see how close to a complete set I have/ I am sure a couple guys are missing, but probably not too many.


  1. Building master sets of early 90's releases doesn't sound like my idea of fun.

    1. I think about 1991 Donruss specifically and wonder if it's worth having a couple thousand cards to have a master set. Answer for me is a solid no thank you.

  2. Any idea as to why there are differences in the copyright?

    1. I don't know that I saw a reason for it - my best guess may be either location of printing, or maybe they had different printing sheet configurations....but just speculating.