Sunday, May 1, 2016

Additions to the unopened pack collection

I took another trip to From Hockey To Hollywood this past week - with work being hectic, I needed to take a little walk at lunch to get away, took $20 with me and figured I'd come away with a few more packs for the collection - with an aim towards baseball.

That said, let's see what I came away with...

I paid less than the pack price on the packaging...and not surprising late 90s to have Gretzky on the package

I have a good string of years in the 2000s for O Pee Chee, but not the early few years, so this will fill part of that hole...

I don't have any cards from Cooperstown, and didn't have any packages from it either, so this solves part of that issue.

Another set I haven't collected any cards of...

Man, I miss when packs of cards came with FIFTEEN cards. Nowadays, you are lucky to get 10 and most end up with about 5-7 cards.

Just like that I went from no Cooperstown packs, to 2!

Bazooka cards from the 80s/90s were nice - I'm not really a fan of the 2000s design, but like that the Bazooka name continued on.

So 7 new packs for 20 bucks and something fun to do over my lunch break so a worthwhile venture. I could go with some bazooka gum if I could extract it from the pack without opening the package itself, but I haven't got that skill mastered yet...

If there is anything that I post or discuss regarding From Hockey To Hollywood, let me know because I'm sure we could work something out if you'd like something picked up and mailed out to you. Besides, given it is less than 10 minutes from work, it's a good excuse to get out and check out the place for something specific if desired.


  1. If you go in and happen to see any Charlie Simmer, let me know :)