Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pack Attack - 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 1

Opening another pack of...

As I had not too long ago. Unfortunately, a couple repeats which stinks when I only have about 15 cards in the set before this pack. Those doubles are:

Jerome is a decent double to get. As for the backs, easy to read stats, and at least they go back up to 10 years. Not as nice as full stats, but better than the 3-5 years on some designs. Wish the Iginla card would have continued with all Flames stats after the ones shown....but I regress. I also appreciate the different photo and face close up picture while leaving plenty of room for stats.

I've talked about not liking the horizontal cards, but I will say, the Malone photo is unique enough, I will give it a pass. Would also say it is a nice "stadium" card showing a good view of the rink.

More base cards to end the pack so nothing overly special today. Last comment though is - the colour choice for the most part on the front design does work well given the team colours play well off the uniforms - all four of these cards being great examples of this.

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