Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Time for a Hallady

All Star cards - not sure if I prefer them being part of the base set or as an insert set, but given how large base sets have been getting, I think I lean towards them being inserts. I'd rather be able to get the base set that little bit more easy, and ifI want to separately collect the insert set, do so. I could see the 2007 Topps Heritage All-Star cards being a better insert set...


Was sad to see Halladay go - really enjoyed his time as the ace in Toronto. He was a great pitcher and a great face for the Jays through the mid 00s.  As for Sundin, I've talked on about him before and my enjoyment of his play - too bad the team couldn't be better as a whole during his tenure in Toronto. As it stands now, not unsurprisingly, Sundin is at the top of my Leaf player collections which probably won't change any time soon.

The rest

Lots of goodies here - the Mini Jersey true base set of 100 cards (last 50 being rookies) is now 20% complete. Add to this another 2005 Upper Deck Classics card and that makes this an excellent grouping.


A few more football cards and some hockey repeats - wish the SPx Alfredsson was without dinged corner though...maybe there's another one to be found...

Summary (through 2240 cards):
Specific Accomplishments:
- Completed 2007-08 Upper Deck McDonald's Checklist Subset (6 cards)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers ET Star Wars Rocky KISS Clue
Toronto 41 5                
Inserts / Var Kept 84 4                
Error 9 1                
Keep 635 75                
Doubles/Sell 211 12 425 422 226 8 5 2 3 1
Doubles Inserts / Var 16   19 36            

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