Sunday, May 15, 2016

Show me the green!

I enjoy parallel cards as you'll know by now. I also like the quirkiness of the Emerald Ice Parkhurst cards from the mid 90s. So when I saw a group of cards on Listia with some of them being such parallels, for all of 1,500 credits, I couldn't help but pull the trigger.

These were the 4 parallel cards - my favourite would be Bowen as it is a better picture personally though one easy improvement for all the cards, base and parallel, would be additional stats on the back instead of just one year's worth...

The last card in the group wasn't a parallel, but is another I didn't have so no harm done!

As you can see though, the Emerald Ice for this year was done by making the Parkhurst stamp green instead of silver, and the border around the name shimmer green instead of silver - not a huge change, but enough to make it easily noticeable.

Some other Emerald Ice card pickups from a different Listia auction....

With these I am up to 26 cards from the set, and putting them all together - very very green indeed!

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