Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plenty of Leaf cards - just not Leaf players

There were some Leaf Rookie and Stars football cards the other day, and we get a handful more here. A decent set for someone who collects football - I can see the draw, but just not my thing. Does look better than some of the Update and such series baseball put out in the past.


One I don't have, and a decent Leaf as well - great to add to the collection.


Seem to hit a few of these - hopefully not many more for a while...

The rest

Only a few keepers from the pile today - personal preference from the lot is Staal as player, and best picture.


I didn't bother scanning all of the copies, but there were 4 each of the Ultra basketball cards - Odom and Hudson. I haven't followed it as closely as some, but Lamar's story has been quite the sad one with his more recent health and addiction issues the last few years. Also, Chris Bosh - enjoyed him as a Raptor and came into his own - hated his leaving for Miami and the bigger issue of Miami buying Championships. Not my thing, it's why I enjoy the Yankees failing when their payroll was light years beyond other teams.

Summary (through 2020 cards):
Specific Accomplishments:
- Completed 2007-08 Upper Deck McDonald's Checklist Subset (6 cards)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers ET Star Wars Rocky KISS Clue
Toronto 40 4                
Inserts / Var Kept 82 3                
Error 9 1                
Keep 556 71                
Doubles/Sell 189 12 401 339 226 8 5 2 3 1
Doubles Inserts / Var 15   19 34            

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