Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some older Leafs

A quick post today about a couple older cards I was able to pick up on Listia. I haven't gotten to the point of trying to pick up older (pre-80s cards) other than on Listia. The couple here are in quite good condition...

Nice and clean cut cards, great condition - very pleased with these pickups, even if they aren't the household Leaf names of the time period.

Stan Weir played for 3 years in Toronto ending his career in the majors in 1983 amassing just under 350 points.

Dave Dunn players 2 years in Toronto and not too much longer than that before retiring with 200 penalty minutes over a few years in the majors.

Glad to have these added to the collection though.

One other "quickie" which isn't quite as old...

The reason for this pickup from Listia is obvious - the couple Leafs (still count since in uniform - at least that's my rule). These are also a bit harder to generally track because they ae listed as "not Leafs" in checklists, including the website.

Well - ok - one last quick which is even older. These were both more expensive where points are concerned, but worth getting since they didn't cost "real money" as far as I am concerned...

Both cards are in good condition (the Keon in slightly better) and hey - Leafs who actualy won a Stanley Cup! As much as the pink is excessively bright the simple design of the cards is great.

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