Friday, August 19, 2016

Certifiably Baseball and some MVPs

A quick win to share from Listia - a nice 4 card partial set of Leafs from 1998-99 Upeer Deck MVP:

Love the Cujo card out of these, but glad to have the Sundin card as well since these are all new for my collection. A nice quick add overall.

Any time I come across a new set that I haven't seen before when going through the Santa Lot 20 for the day, especially when we are over 3,600 cards in, is a highlight to me. Especially a set from my "blackout" period when I wasn't following at all from the late 90s to the late 00s.


Positive - these are nice and shiny - negative - there isn't much else to them. Also, unfortunately, each has a small bend, but noticeable in the bottom right corner - good enough for me, but still not ideal. That all being said - Ortiz as a Twin...given his Boston success, not how I ever picture him..

The rest

Seem to slowly be chugging along on the Pro Set Platinum 1991-92 set, another rare Flair Showcase card - though they scan very nicely...not quite Maple Leaf blue, but a nice blue regardless.


If I were to send out some cards for signature - I would absolutely use those 2009 Donruss Threads cards. I haven't seen the actual auto cards that come within the set, but I presume that is what the space below the name is used for, so why not use it in getting actual signatures as well.

On a separate note - the Don Beaupre card makes me question whether any energy source can heat as well as gas...not so subliminal on this card...

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