Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pack Attack - 2008-09 O Pee Chee Hockey and trade with bkim

Was messaged by member bkim, who has his own site here, offering up some 1983 Topps Blue Jays in exchange for some Topps duplicate cards I could I say no? Well, of course I couldn't and the following cards arrived:

I really like the photo circle close up in the set design, and otherwise the cards are easy to read, nicely put together, and these are great adds to the collection. Big thank you for reaching out, and I hope to put together another trade with you in the future!

On to hockey...O Pee Chee works in, typically, massive base sets. This year, the base set is 800 - given the typical pack is 6 cards, that means over 130 packs to get a complete full set, assuming no doubles (because that's likely). For that reason, I don't see looking to complete these sets any time soon.

That said, let's see where we are anyway...I have 212 of the 800 base cards - not bad, but nowhere close. Let's see if there is anything useful in this pack...

On opening it, one thing that you can tell with O Pee Chee right away because of the card stock is whether you have a glossy card or not since the typical card stock is "brown" compared to the white
of a glossy card.

Well - out of those first four, not too much going on...except all 4 are cards I already!

A nice insert - Sakic was a great player, and worth documenting his reaching the 1,000 assist plateau.

Lastly, atleast one new base card...which is a decent add...

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