Saturday, October 8, 2016

Massive Blue Jay package - Support the Minnow!

Yeah, obvious from the title - a whole lot of Jays to share today....and tomorrow....and I'll do one last large post next weekend. From what you ask? Well, I'll tell you! Got a message through the website from Trevor (please check out his website and see how you can help this amazingly generous person here:

I scrounged up what I could find and just sent on his way somewhere around 40-45 cards I think from various things O Pee Chee and oddball 70s/80s cards. In exchange he sent what I am guessing is somewhere in the range of almost 700 Jays cards my This is going to be a fun exercise going through them all. Just from a glance I know there are a number of cards I really like and am glad to own now. Given the number of cards, definitely going to split this up into a few posts!

I'll try and collect these by sets to show off, and that way I can also see what sets, if any, this completes. Personally, I don't do a great job checking if I have a complete set of Jays - if it happens, it happens, but I don't tick off in my mind or anywhere that it is complete, because I am just as happy getting dupes of Jays.

1981 O Pee Chee

There were a smattering of 1980s cards in the package. I only have one other 1981 O Pee Chee Jays card, and getting the team pic card for the collection is great.

1986 Donruss

I only have a few from 1986 Donruss as well and needed the Geroge Bell card here, especially with his sly glancing eyes...

1987 Fleer

Another George Bell - though I like the picture from '86 Donruss better.

1988 Donruss

From my own personal collecting, this is where I feel the "junk wax" period really begins, but I really don't like that name and connotation that the cards are worthless. I agree, they are much more easily accessible, but that doesn't mean I don't want them, or that they don't have value to me and in my collection.

The trio of cards here don't help in knocking off the three remaining cards missing from my Jays team set, but happy to see Stieb and figure we will see plenty more of him in these posts.

1988 Fleer

So, the question becomes for these 1988 sets - do you prefer Donruss and the "same as Leaf" look, or Fleer with the prelude to the similar 1990 Fleer look. Personally, Donruss, though no particular reason why.

As I go through these, it's funny because I have a couple guys closing in on 100 cards (not unique, but total) which would be my first such player..wonder who it will be...Stieb is in the lead, but a few guys like Bell are not far behind...

1988 Fleer Stickers

As much as I like the sticker fronts, I love the stadium backs...

1988 Fleer Update

Here are, all new to me, and all the cards for the Jays in the set - a quick one and done...excellent...

1989 Donruss

The colourful borders, and pre-cursor to the colourful 1990 Topps set that no one can forget. These cards knocked off  more than half my Jay needs from the set leaving less than a handful still to collect.

1989 Fleer

Love the young Fielder cards - he looks like quite a fit tank - before he put on a bit more weight than maybe needed with the Tigers.

1989 Score

Here is a full team set. The colours bug me a bit - I like consistency among the team, but some nice shots like the Gruber fielding shot.

1989 Score - 100 Hottest Rising Stars

I only had one of the 5 Jays from this set beforehand, but now have a complete 5 including Todd Stottlemyre.

1990 Bowman

I already have a complete team set, but was able to add one more to the pile still...good ol' Manny Lee...

1990 Donruss

Everyone likely recognizes this set given the outstanding red border colour. This was really the first set to have the "MVP" cards which as a kid, I loved and basically treated as high worth inserts at the time. Rather than show all the cards here (again, almost a complete set and a few doubles too), I figured I'd show the three "inserts" - I know Diamond Kings aren't, but I always considered them to be given their specific design.

We will leave it here today and look at some more tomorrow...still tons to go....

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  1. I like those Sticker/stadium cards.. I don't know what side I like more. lol