Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pack Attack - Dollar Tree 30 Card Pack

Finally getting to open one of these repacks of cards. For all of $1US you get 30 baseball cards. Of course, the expectation is a lot of junk cards, and possibly some dinged corners given the packaging.

I can't say I am expecting much, but am curious to see exactly what I get out of this. To me, a Jay and something else of use would be a big win.

ALl needs here - since I have over 50% the 1991 Topps set, good to get another. Other than that, some nice early 90s cards and a number of 1992 Pinnacle.Also, seems to be a bit pitcher heavy.

All needs again here, '98 Ultra and '99 Stadium Club sets are new to me, so nice to get these. I do wonder however, how the photo for Pedro was unusual shot to be taking of I presume batting practice and stretching by the pitchers. Another Wetteland, and Stadium Club is a pretty set here, full picture as expected and understated design.

A few 2000s cards here. Finest cards are - unique. I'm not sure if I like them or don't - they are quite Chrome like and "flashy" but sometimes too much so. Regarding, this 2000 Finest is the first I've seen. Same goes with the 2003 Fleer Platinum which reminds me a lot of 1987 Fleer.

Hey an insert! 1993 Topps Gold. A decent gold foil used on card without overtaking the card - one of the nice early gold foil uses that I recall.

Here are the four duplicated I pulled. I can live with four out of thirty, but it really bothers me that I ended up with two Doug cards - exactly the same - in the 30 cards. Sigh - I guess that is part of what you get with this many cards for $1...

There you have it. Well, not  great pack...kind of annoyed that I got two copies of the same card given the wide range of cards possibly available. Other than....wait a sec....* counts the cards scanned*...son of a...only 27 cards! OK, I get that these are cheap repacks, but the pack clearly states 30 cards and this sure wasn't. Heck, it's not like we are talking "oops" missed a card - it is 10% short! Well, all in, not likely to go out of my way to pick any more of these up, but may here or there on a whim if I get to the US again.


  1. Any time you get Finest cards from a Repack is a winner. They never come up in them, or at least, very, very rarely. Early 2000s Finest? Even less so. Stinks that you got shorted three cards- 7 if you count the dupes- but the Finest probably makes up for it. Fleer's Platinum brand was their throwback set sometimes. Sometimes it had it's own identity. Never knew what Fleer was going to do year to year.

    1. I guess we give Fleer credit for trying to be different...maybe...but now looking back, it does just make it more confusing...

  2. I've actually gotten MORE than 30 in these re packs at times, so I guess it's just poor quality control. They promise one superstar per pack, which they usually deliver, although not always (at least as I define superstar). Pedro clearly qualifies, and I'd call Schilling a superstar too, with Righetti not far away. So not too bad. About as good as you can expect from these things.