Monday, August 27, 2018

A better break

Starting off today with a quick PWE trade with CKBeber329. This was a typical hodgepodge of baseball in 5 cards.

One 1988 Donruss set need -a short print at that. Short prints back then were not like they are now - a staple of base sets - back then it was more a function of how the cards were print, how many to a sheet, not purposely short printing cards.

The rest of the cards - Jays content...

Henke is the first of the three 1988 Donruss All-Star cards that are in the set, and that I now have. As for the Stadium Club cards, they were pretty even back then - though the Carter card would have likely been a bit better if zoomed out just a bit. A good start for the day though getting this package, but not the only thing to look at today.

I have enough of these 80 cards for $3 Dollarama packs, that why not start another today. I will say this, a much better turn out Jays wise compared to the last couple!


Fair enough that neither one of these are new or really needed - other than trying for that whole :1 Million Jays" thing. I really like the Cecil card, and this makes six. As for Hill - card number six for that one as well.

Inserts / Patallels:

A while ago I picked up two cards from the set - also two Pujols I believe, so I am going to go out on a limb and say we might just see another one of these tomorrow. I know - technically a supposed base card, but SN - counts as an insert/parallel/whatever else it is that I am collecting...


Only back to 1986 here which is the later end on these - as we have seen some going back into the late 70s. We also have some typical fare from these with 1988 Topps needs and 1989 Topps Traded.

Here is my first 2004 SPx card which has a nice little shine to it. Also nice to get some 2000 and later Topps cards rather than just one or two.


No surprises here with plenty of dupes from 1986 through 1991. Though there is at least one more Expo that I can put aside for a certain blogger working on a million of those.

Overall - more like what I want in a half back of these, now to see tomorrow if the pack was just as good on the other side.


  1. So are you going for the Million Jays thing? If so... I can probably send you a bunch..

    1. Yes - I think I am "All In" on it. I have a couple things to do card wise for collecting and the blog over the next month or two, but that will become a large part of my collecting focus.

    2. Alright.. I think I'll be putting together something for you within the next month or so..