Friday, August 31, 2018

The last pack

Here is the last 15 card pack of wrestling cards I picked up from These were a fun bunch to pick up, and the one I left for last looked a bit different from the bunch in types of cards, so we will see if that holds true.

1990 Classics cards. the Hulk Rules, Madness and DiBiase cards are a little weak - they would be excellent as tattoo inserts. The Fuji and Sherri (posed shot), I love these types of cards as they are essential poster cards. I think these were done as posters back in the day, or if not, they could have been.

These are what made the package stand out. It looked like there were a few, and indeed, half the package were these 2008 Topps Chrome cards (Heritage III). Sad that Vader passed away earlier this year before getting in the Hall.

Yay! Insert! Hall of Fame insert from 2015.

All in, just one dupe card...

Well, a good dupe atleast.

That's it - all of the wrestling packs from - well worth the $25 for the 14 packs of 15 cards, highly recommend checking the site our if you have a chance.

I still have some wrestling stuff aside to open at some point...

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