Sunday, August 12, 2018

Yesterday was better

But today was solid regardless.

As I mentioned yesterday, getting 10 artifact cards out of one of these Dollarama Magic cards 100 for $4 packs would be a solid win for me. We had almost that many yesterday, then today we add in another 5, including one that was completely new for me.

The completely new on is the Rakdos card. Nothing expensive, it's just like getting a regular everyday base card from a sports card set, but nice getting a new one you don't have before.

As for the rest, here's a look at what it contained.

Some highs and lows here. I don't like seeing basic lands in these repacks, because who needs regular lands out of these. Doesn't come out too clearly, but the Ghost Warden is a foil version. Seems to be one foil every other repack or so.

Hold at Bay is a pretty nice card to have in your hand at dire times. Love the effect of preventing 7 damage in an instant (can be played at any time), especially if it is to a player who may otherwise be toast.

I can only assume one of these cards was inspired by the Backstreet Boys....Larger Than Life....ha!

I always enjoy a big baddie - Magmaroth is pretty decent as a 5/5 with only a 4 mana cost.

So overall, more than enough artifacts in this repack, so a winner pack for sure. Also a couple nice other cards to see for the first time.

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