Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Close on my first wrestling insert set

Before that, some more 2016 and 2017 Slam Attax cards in another package from

A bunch of new ones for me. I find it hard to believe Rikishi would be marked ahead of Kane, even with the difference in sets. I wouldn't think the scoring would be much different between the two. I also think Honky Tonk deserved a bit better rating, but since his career is long over, as a legend, I'm not sure when the rating is supposed to be reflective of.

Here is the high point of the pack.

With the six additional inserts for 2017 Then Now Forever Finishers and Signature Moves insert set, I have 42 of 50 now. Awesome to have needed this many.

Here are the last two of the pack, and the only dupes. Overall, I would say a definite above average pack!


  1. I saw Bobby Roode in action on Monday night.. He was here at the show in Peterborough.

    1. Yeah I read about that after I posted here to see house show results, very cool they had him go to the house show in Peterborough instead of being at Raw. I assume it was a good show and you had fun.