Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dollarama Repack - First 40 find some vintage

Been long enough since the last one of these, so I figured this weekend is as good enough as any to break into one.

Having opened a few of these, there is some standard stuff we see - usually a couple older cards - pre-1985, a few inserts, a couple Blue Jays cards, and for me right now with how my junk wax era sets are filling in, about 50/50 on total cards being needed versus those that are duplicates. With that baseline in mind, let's have a look at what we have in the first half of the pack today.

Blue Jays content:

So averaging out, only expect one Jay for every 40 cards or so, so this keeps us ahead of the curve. The best part is the sweet 2008 Documentary card as I don't have many of those at all. I dislike the reuse of photos, but understand that it may be difficult to use a picture from each actual game. A unique set in context, and nice to have game 81 documents (at which point the Jays were a woeful 38-43 - not too far below .500, but last in the division.

Insert Content:

Hard to even consider these inserts as most Bowman products are so heavy on these things, but it is what it is. Two is about par for a half, so number is fine, but I'd take so many more things above Bowman prospects.


I'd say one or two cards from the pre-1985 year for a half pack is ahead of the curve, so getting four cards, including two from 1978 is way better than I would expect. The only down side - the Mike Schmidt card has two small noticeable nicks in the back of the card, still, can't complain.


A bit high on the number of traders for my liking, but a bit of that is bad luck as a lot of 1988 Topps is still stuff I need, just not these ones. Even the Slaten (yeah, I guess I really had three inserts, but doesn't really count if I can;t keep it) is a dupe which is shocking for how few such Bowman cards I have.

Overall - the 2008 Documentary card wins this, but also good marks for the Eckersley Gallery card circa 1996, and if I were to pick a third best card of the bunch...the Billy Hunter for concept and layout of the front would be next.

Second half tomorrow!

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  1. Once I'm done organizing, I'll have to check to see what I have for 88 for you..

    Nice on those 78s.. It's been a while since I've gotten a 78 from those repacks.. Both are ones on my want list for the set too. lol