Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hockey Surprise

Something a bit different today. I have done these before, but it has been a while. I spent $2 on a Hockey Surprise from Dollarama, so let's take a look through it today and see if it was worth the couple bucks.

Well, the card sleeves are a solid dollar right there - then we have 18 cards to make up the other a decent enough start.

First, the 4 cards with a guaranteed Hall of Famers....

I'm guess that Greg isn't the hall of famer

As for the six official trading cards...

Nice variety of cards, and like the old Fuhr.

Last pack of 90s cards....

Well, at least here you have the best card of the pack with the Tod Sloan Scoring Leader Leaf card. The rest are typical early 90s sets.

Overall, would have liked at least one pack that was more focused, like Canadian team or 2000s, but at least there were a fair number of cards and one good pickup!


  1. I don't recognize the set Ted Sloan is from...and what's the deal with the yellow borders on the Score Hawgood?

    1. 1994 Parkhurst Missing Links set for Ted - a very well done set in my opinion. 1990-91 Score Rookie & Traded set for Hawgood.

  2. I've been wondering lately if there was such a thing as a hockey repack anymore. I haven't seen one in a couple of years, but I don't live in a hockey-loving area.

    I looked up Dollarama to see if there was one near me, only to find out it's a Canadian chain. Man, if I were starting a dollar store in Canada, I'd sure as heck use "Loonie" in there somewhere ("Loonie Bin"?)

    1. Yes, Dollarama unfortunately is just in Canada at this point, but has been good for hockey repacks, but not for baseball cards until about a year ago when they started selling baseball finally. I feel your pain...hopefully hockey cards flow similarly to a chain or two in the US sooner than later.