Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another Dollarama 80 - Part 2!

Was nice enough to receive a few cards and a birthday card from C2Cigars.

I am actually getting close to the team set on 1994-95 Fleer, and the Frederik is actually the Upper Deck Update O Pee Chee insert...yeah, confusing enough...but still love it.

Anyway, yesterday was the first half which had no Jays, just like the last repack, but did have a 75% need rate which is hard to beat, so I figured today would have some Jays content...

I figured wrong...again.

I do have 24 of the cards being ones I will be keeping for now - 60%, not as strong as the 75% yesterday, but nicely ahead of the usual half/half.

A couple insert/parallels of the usual Bowman variety. The gold parallel is pretty nice, though there is a small bend in the lower left corner which kinda sucks, and it isn't serial numbered. Still - parallel.

Plenty of keepers as noted...

Like the amount of 1987 Donruss cards to come out of this repack all in - not a bad set to work on passively - though I am much further along on the Leaf version.

I really like the Marlins card from early 90s Upper Deck - a nice pic for a first year of cards. Also have a couple sets here that I haven't seen before between the mid-left Finest card and bottom right Victory.

We end the keepers with the more recent cards in the bunch

As for the traders...

The 1988 Huntsville Burger King cards are neat, but I don't need 6 or 7 copies which is what I have seen from these repacks, with dupes occurring in a single repack before too, just like here.

I think a few days about some Value Village cards would be a nice change of pace starting tomorrow.