Thursday, August 16, 2018

Dollarama 2 by 40 - 1st half

I have a number of these 80 random baseball card packs for $3 from Dollarama. I love the randomness, and still usually need about half the cards, so they have been well worth the buy so let's see what we have today.

As usual, e can start with the Jays....except there were none. I think that is the first time this has happened to me.

Okay, so let's go to inserts and parallels...

I will say, this is nice as it is my first glossy 1989 Fleer card.

Also, did well on the keepers in general with 23 of the 40, 24 including the one above...

Definitely a bit Fleer heavy, which isn't a bad thing as I find they are usually Topps heavy and Fleer is definitely more needed in my collection as far as 80s and early 90s goes.

Not many mid-90s and later cards, but at least some variety with Donruss, Pinnacle, Ultra, and Upper Deck covered. Good job for Eric to balance his helmet on his head like that for the photo....

The last two cards here were the two showing on the package, which as usual is the newer cards.

As for the dupes...

Many of the usual suspects out of the junk wax years and not a ton of star power either, but again, a decent variety. 40 cards and I am shocked, not a single 1988 Topps, and only 1 1989 Topps!

A rough star with no Jays, I have a feeling tomorrow will improve that. Can't be worse I guess.

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