Thursday, November 10, 2022

2019-20 Parkhurst

Last up from the mystery tin...a pack of Parkhurst. I may not be collecting the set, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything in it for me! 

A pretty great pack when I get a short print Ovechkin, Rookie, and a gold parallel Laine. I may not be a big Ovechkin fan, but he is a superstar, and not the only one in the pack.

I mean Laine isn't a slouch, but we also have a Crosby base card, and Rask too. Can't beat these base cards all things considered.

So, with all the packs opened, the question is - was it worth it? Well, not if you just look at the cards, at least I don't think so. However, factor in the fun factor of opening packs, and it's all good!

Next up - I have another box size trade that will take a few days to get through, so plenty of fun stuff to go through and share, but a smaller PWE to share to end today, this one from kdinthejaw - a fellow Canadian living out in Moose Jaw....hence the name....

I good trade where I sent about 140 cards to get back about 35 which, right now, I like as it means bringing down the number of cards I have overall, while getting some "better" cards I don't have. I am not big on value, but do appreciate some cards are definitely worth more than others. Borje here being a solid example of such.

The bottom row here are the last 3 base cards I needed so my 2006-07 McDonalds base set is now finally complete. I had first really started this one from cards I got in the first big lot I purchased, so nice to finish this one off, and a really nice 56 card base set too.

Speaking of finish - I am not ALMOST finished the 2016 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day set, with just one McDavid card to go to get all 16 knocked off.

The last few provide the remaining 2 Leaf base card needs from the 2019-20 Timmies set, so the 6 card Leaf team set is now complete.

Definitely a productive trade, as they usually are, so big thanks to kdinthejaw for helping out big here!

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