Friday, November 11, 2022

Remembrance Day

 Always important to take today to remember the sacrifices given by those before us in the wars and fights taken in order to ensure we have the lives we live today.

Once you have taken that time, if you would like to take a peek at some of the cards I received from TCDB member Shaw Racing, who I did a box for box trade of about 500 cards. Wrestling cards were the main focus of what I received, but today, will share the baseball cards.

The bulk of the baseball cards were to do some work on 1990 and 1992 Upper Deck sets. While at it, I also just asked for additional copies of Jays cards because....well.....I like collecting those Jays cards!

The other part of the 1990 Upper Deck set is, I have a bunch of the error cards that are missing the copyright line on the back (so they are in my error binder, so needed these corrected versions for the set build.

Oh - and yes, lots of Jays dupes for the collection too....ain't that right Crime Dog?

Triple Play set help as well - but only a couple cards - and then we get into the '92s.

I didn't both scanning ALL of the baseball cards, just because I figured a good sampling would do. All in, about 150 baseball cards came my way, just a bit of hockey to share tomorrow, and then we can get to the wrestling.

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