Monday, November 21, 2022

Try The Draft

 Yesterday was a pack of Dominaria United Set Booster, today we have a draft booster which comes with a few more cards, but much more common.

No common card artifacts here...though the Benalish Faithbonder is an interesting card with the Enlist ability.

These come with a land card and an ad card, no surprises there, as for the "best" of the pack...

This would have been a solid pack for someone who plays green, but that hasn't been my jam since the first year I started playing back in 1994-95 when I was all about getting out my Force of Nature beasts, Craw and Scaled Wurms....all big baddies.

Let's end today with a nice PWE trade with first time trade partner BNWallgren1220 bringing some Jays home to roost.

1995 Leaf Limited cards to start which, may not be serial numbered, but are print run to 37,500. Decent design with the sparkly.

We keep in 1995 with the nice blue border Select, and the shine of the SP red as well. Really like the Alomar headband look.

We keep in the mid-90s for most of the cards including a bunch of 1996 Donruss, but do get a few newer cards.

Not a big fan of the Fire sets, but still like getting the Jays cards, however Ace wins for best card from the pile as it's the Jays Mascot card, and only Jays insert card from the set of course, so always like the one and done!

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