Wednesday, November 30, 2022

More Super Than Chrome

 I think the COVID lot heard by comments about chrome yesterday, as we have a bunch of insert football cards, which aren't just chrome, but SUPERCHROME!

1993 Wild Card is a 260 card set, and had a number of insert sets including a 50 card Superchrome Rookies insert set. Today, we have a bunch of those cards, many in duplicate, which makes me wonder if this is the leftovers of a couple complete sets, but either way - a bunch of cards I won't be keeping.

Other than the black borders which highlight any little mark you get on the cards, I don't mind the design, front or back, for an insert set.

In hand, the cards are not quite as dark as the scans, but the purple could "pop" a bit more. Definitely a good insert design though.

Going through the cards, no surprise the three biggest draws for the set - Bledsoe, Bettis, are missing in action here. When you pay less than a penny a card, getting all commons is not a problem, getting inserts like this, even if not stars, is a nice pick up regardless. Getting any "star" inserts is a bonus.

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