Friday, November 4, 2022

Ramones Rule

Apparently, that is probably something my next trade partner - and another first time trade partner - TCDB member RAMONESRULE (I presume because it's best to say it LOUD), sent me some nice hocky cards. 

Okay, I start with a single baseball sticker, but can't say no to Ernie Whitt!

The we get into set, I don't enjoy and will never collect - Be A Player sets. Now, don't get me wrong, the Pinnacle versions are probably the better ones here, but still - give me my Leafs, and I'm out. Here we knock off some of 1996-97 as well as...

1997-98. Definitely not a fan of the designs for either year, but happy to knock out a good aprt of each team set in one go. Now to just quietly put them down the list of things I am looking for and have them finished off some time in the future, at no rush.

At least the cards have an interesting Gustafsson photo.

I will say - the Ramones do rule, and so does this trade.

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