Thursday, November 24, 2022


 An interesting pack today...though still not exactly what I am hoping for.

I mentioned the common lands last time, and we get another couple today. I think they may have overdone it a bit with these lands. Heck, I'd rather see them placed in the "basic land" spot of these packs rather than taking up a spot in the common cards.

Not too shabby on getting a Planeswalker with Jaya, and also hitting a foil card with the Apparition, even if it is a common.

Planeswalkers are usually worth a few dollars, which Jaya appears to be here - about $4-5 CDN, so nothing earth shattering, but alright for now. Will have to see if prices stabilize, or drop further.

One more pack to go - hopefully having saved the best for last!

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