Monday, November 28, 2022

Bowman's (Not So) Best

 I've said before - Bowman has never been one of my favourite sets, and that's true about the Bowman's Best sets. Sure, I am happy to get a Jays card like this...

However, the Chrome like finish to the cards, the curving on these 90s ones, and the metallic and graphically imposed background, just doesn't tie together a good design to me.

You do get hints of the actual baseball playing background, but nothing more than a glimpse. I guess there's a chance the back of the cards are a better design...

Well, better than the fronts, but nothing to write home about. I don't mind the stats lumping as it's an interesting way to split up a career, but the rest of the regular info is there, just not in a design that really pops to me.

About 160-170 cards from the 1997 set release all here today, with dupes and the odd card showing up in triplicate. The set itself is 200 cards and looking at unique individual cards, maybe about 40% of the set shows up here if I care. Happy to take my Carter and go home though.

Well, also sneak off a few Expos cards which I have another home for, but everything else is up for trade.


  1. Carter looks like he's playing in a snowfall game with his gloves & neck warmer on.

    1. Yes - and the squares make it look like blocky hail.