Sunday, November 27, 2022

Next To Vintage

Back into the COVID lot and we get to look at some old stars on newer cards. I've talked before about liking more recent sets which highlight past stars, and though I don't have many cards from these sets, I do have some nice keepers here for long set builds.

Nolan Ryan doesn't really count, I mean, I do have plenty of cards from his actual playing days, but Mays, Spahn, Marichal are all great cards. Not a bad design, and the black and white photos always do well to give it more of the retro feel, though contrasts a bit from the gold foiling.

Happily, not just the base cards, also a couple insert/food issue type cards as well...

Can't go wrong with another Mays and Ernie is no slouch either, though the cards is a bit rough.

Even the cards that don't quite have a place in my collecting are pretty unique today...

Yeah - the Donruss Hall of Famer cards are nice, but dude - it's the San Diego Chicken! Sure, a Whitey Ford...but....chicken! My favourite part of the card - instead of a date of birth, it list's a date "hatched". I mean, if you are going to go all out, go all out.

Definitely an interesting bunch of cards today - love it!