Sunday, November 6, 2022

You A G?

 If not, my trade partner for this one is with the TCDB Amagee. Always up for a swap of hockey cards I don't need, for hockey cards I do, and here they are...

Definitely a bit goalie heavy, and that's perfectly fine. Not too long ago, we saw some 1994-95 Leaf Limited, and some Premium Stock Summit cards, though the ones here are the Metal parallel.

Love the additional row of Cujo cards, and the Black Diamond is the last Maple Leaf card for another Leaf team set.

Star of the Leaf cards for me today is the Tim Horton card given it's serial numbered to 100. Hadn't even heard or seen of the set before, so more than happy to get the addition.

We end with some set additions for 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory. I still have a good 100 cards left I need for this one, but closer is better!

Appreciate the trade Amagee!

Lastly - congrats to Houston for the win and the Championship. I didn't overly care one way or the other, but Dusty Baker getting a ring is a good story, so happy enough with that. As for next year...let's go Jays!


  1. That Cujo in the top right of scan #2 is unfamiliar to me. Is that Donruss?