Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Making Finest Finer

 We seem to be hitting chunks of sets with the COVID lot lately, and that continues today with some 1994 Finest baseball. Another set that I don't ever remember seeing out in the wild back in the day. Then again, back in the wild, there was really only one local card store that I visited, so the selection wasn't everything, and for some products, the box option only as a kid didn't work as I was not spending that type of money on cards.

It's one of those designs though that I wish was done without the "chrome effect". I think the set would have looked great without it. Nowadays you get that option where Chrome uses the same design as the flagship set.

I am going to quietly grips at the lack of stats on the back. I mean, I like the big back photo, but not at the loss of all the stats. Good to see a fair representation of the attendance in Minnesota back in the 90s though on that Erickson card.

Would be nice to have a bit more variety in the shots on the front, more action, or a bit further back or different perspective, but at least it's consistent and you know what you are getting with the set.

Not a set I am or plan on collecting, so other than a single error card, everything else is good to trade and on my TCDB listing if you are interested. Just take a peek at my trade list.

Since we are focused on some Finest, why not show a trade which starts there too...

tmcvicar2 was my trade partner here, sending along a bunch of mid-90s through mid-2000 Jays that were on my need list. Took this trade to get a Finest 1994 Jays card today - but that's fine. Not a fan of the 1998 Topps border, or the Jays uniform that year, so....meh....still collecting, but not highlighting my collection.

Appreciate the film still being on the Chrome cards here, always good for ensuring the underlying card is in as good a condition as possible. Star of the trade though, are the 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights cards as we have 6 of the 7 Jays cards here...and I already had the other, so we get a nice complete Jays team set!

Highlighted with a Halladay is a cherry on top too.

Much appreciation for the trade, and hope we can do more soon!

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  1. Finest packs were so expensive way back when that they were never even on my radar.