Tuesday, November 22, 2022

In Your Dreams

 Another pack from the Dominaria United Prerelease kit, and another chance for maybe finding something to add to the artifact card collection.

I get the multi mana lands are common, but already seen a few - wonder if we will see even more.

I have to say, the Bone Splinters card artwork reminds me a bit of the old school art work which was a bit more cartoony in style. Not sure exactly what caused it, but definitely looks a bit different than the rest of the cards.

The usual "normal" land and token - though not an artifact token unfortunately. As for the uncommons, and rare/mythic...

I guess we have a dream....with a couple interesting side effects. The mana reduction can be useful to pay life instead of the blue mana, and the additional card pick up when casting a permanent s good to - but 5 mana to cast in total, is a bit hefty. Not a bad pack, but nothing really here for me.

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