Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A sspeegle of a Trade

 Another trade share today, this one with TCDB member sspeegle who sent a bunch of Jays my way.

I am getting close to my Jays base team set for 1999 Topps, just a card left I believe, and the 2022 Topps Chrome are more than I had before this trade.

So one thing that makes me sad is - the Vladdy Bowman card is the only Jay card in the base set. Sure, that's only 100 cards because Bowman is all about the "insert" draft picks and prospects, but still, even with 100 cards, that would average to three cards per team or so, and the Jays just have the one. At least it makes it easy to collect the team!

As for the 2023 Heritage set, really like that Cimber card, very stretched out for good use of the horizontal design.

As always, a great TCDB trade and good help for the collection.

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