Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ring A Bell - No Bull

The COVID lot is non-NHL focused today...

Well, there is part of a team set for the Bellville Bulls in the cards today. When looking at minor league team sets, you don't expect super quality or great photos, but I have to say, these cards aren't too shabby. Slapshot was responsible for a number of team sets like this, and the designs are similar, but again, decent enough for what they are so thumbs up on that one.

For whatever reason, there were a few promo cards from it and here as well. As you can see, the backs are basic, with no stats, but that probably makes it easier than trying to make stats and box sizes different, etc. In this set up, everyone has a hometown, etc so it can be easy to fill for anyone.

When Topps decides to put a few minor prospects into an NHL set, they do pretty well with their picks - at least back then at times. I mean, both the Lecavalier guy and Tanguay both turned out to be pretty okay in the bigs...

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