Friday, February 23, 2024

Being Authentic

Today's COVID lot pulls are a small lot from a baseball set I don't collect - 2000 SP Authentic. 

2000 was not a year I followed baseball too closely as I was switching from high school to university and it was hard enough to keep up with everything life wise, let alone baseball. It was a shorter stint of not following much but there were a few years there I didn't follow too closely, however some of the names of course, I know well - see one Tony Gwynn.

The design is fine - coloured to the team, though a bit much on the lost space, however that generally is the case with SP Authentic sets. A small base set when ignoring serial numbered or short printed cards, etc.

The backs are fine, but again, some lost space, and selective a bit on the stats. I mean, I want to know futility too like number of strikeouts man, come on!

Well, nothing for me, but a few cards if anyone out there is collecting this one.