Saturday, February 24, 2024

Looking Fancy

 A bunch of cards from the COVID lot today which provide some cards from a set I have not seen a lot of, but I will say, it does at least come off as a fancy or higher end set of SPx.

Here we have 2001's SPx baseball offering. Sure, it's a bit graphically focused on the front, showing how fancy they can be, but at least it's done well, with good card stock and feels a bit premium.

The backs disappoint with the lack of full stats, but could be worse I guess.

For the bunch, there is one keeper at least with an uncorrected error on the John Olerud card. This is where he's pictured on the front as a Mariner, but logo'd on the back as an Expos. Not sure how that would have been done instead of the Mariner logo.

Rest are up for grabs but again, I look at this set and figure it's for player or team collectors to want cards, I doubt anyone is actively putting this set together now.....but maybe I am wrong.


  1. There's an UD Spoljatic with an Expos logo instead of the Jays

  2. They look like parallels