Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Well A Coffee At Least

 Four packs to end the lot of Tim packs for the 2023-24 set as I had an extra and wasn't going to stretch this another extra post.

It took to almost the 30th pack or so to get a free coffee redemption card. I would have thought those may be more regular a pull, but since it wasn't replacing a card, but was an additional thin card, I guess that works. Also the first Symmetry Standouts pull for me, though I could have had a couple given the number of packs and odds, but it doesn't always work out the way of the odds of course.

I will definitely be happy about another Point Leaders insert card, and the fact that the only duplicate base card was Jason, so how did we do overall so far?

Base set - 50 / 120

Hockey Triumphs - 5 / 18

In Motion Phenoms - 1 / 18

Net Keepers - 7 / 18

Point Leaders - 5 / 18

Superstar Showcase - 4 / 18

Symmetry Standouts - 1 / 18

I will give them credit for using numbers which look good in pages, and although they may not line up exactly individually, a set that does fit the binder made for it perfectly - ending with a full binder of all 9 pocket pages. Now I just need to work on actually completing the fill on this one....and last year still....and the Legends set....

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  1. Love the look of this set! Thanks for sharing it.