Thursday, February 15, 2024

BubbaV For The Trade

 As promised, another trade to share today, this one with TCDB member BubbaV304, who sent a nice bunch of parallels from a couple different baseball sets to beef up some Jays team sets.

1994 Topps Gold and 2001 Topps Home Team Advantage cards make up the entirety of the trade. I did have a couple of each before these, but didn't get either finished, just a lot closer.

I appreciate the 1994 gold cards much more - at that point parallels and inserts were continuing to get more interesting, without being crazy in numbers and amounts. This was changing even by the late 90s - not anything like it is today, but it was definitely growing as to the number of different inserts and parallels you could have in a single set.

I can appreciate a good insert set or a good parallel set - it's just putting effort in and having reason. I could get behind a consistent set of parallels for a set such as border colours and having specific serial numbering like Topps with flagship gold parallels. I don't like when they become store or purchase specific, I mean, I am buying your product, I now need to do so with Target or Walmart to get specific cards? No thank you.

Just shows it's always been the card companies that have the home field advantage against collectors - if they print it, collectors will come....more unfortunate when collectors are then having to compete with investors or flippers...but that's another discussion.

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