Sunday, February 25, 2024

Worldly Pros

 Even late in the game, with what is going to be one of the last football card related pulls from the COVID lot, we end up with a small complete set to talk about.

In the 1991 Pro Set release, there were inserts related to the World League which was the attempt at the time for European expansion of the NFL. This insert set is 10 helmet cards for the teams. Honestly, I love the set itself - it's akin to a logo insert set which I would always be all for - logos don't get enough credit, and that is the focus of the helmet set anyway. Toy get a nice back since it was new at the time, so not much team history to share, so why not the schedule!

There were other non-helmet cards in another insert set for the World League, and a bunch of those cards are here, though not quite all of them.

The European expansion may not have taken at the time very well, but at least we have cards to remember what it did (and didn't do).

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