Friday, March 1, 2024

Ultra Sneak

Well, not sure if I should consider this quite the halfway mark of busy season. I mean, it goes until end of April, but January isn't nearly as busy as the rest, so....not quite there I guess. Either way though, it is March....start of nicer weather....maybe even thinking about spring....good times. 

Speaking of good times, I didn't think I'd get anything for keep in the hockey cards today, but the COVID lot did bring me a few 1995-96 Ultra cards I needed.

I only needed one copy of the Zhamnov card, but we got 4 just in case I guess. The Ultra Cool subset is....fine....nothing too exciting, but something a bit different for the base set. We then get some more Be A Player which I am not a fan of.

Definitely getting cards in numbers that I don't need, but hopefully can trade off!

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