Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trading with Trevor7777

So this is the first trade to come out of the Santa Lot 20 cards. Trevor7777 over on the got about 30 various football cards from those I've pulled and that you have seen here, and in exchange he sent me about 30 Blue Jays. For fun, because that is what collecting is all about, I told Trevor not to bother seeing if they were cards I needed or not, I'd take them regardless.

The first groups here are cards that are duplicates for me, but will be nice additions as most can sit as cards to be part of the sets I may otherwise choose to work on...

A number of 1990 Fleer Jays and smattering of other junk wax era Jays that. I love the 1989 Topps Record Breakers card noting George's opening day 3 home runs. Second favorite would be the nice picture of Greg Myers throwing back to the pitcher.

As for the new to me cards - let's see what we have...

1987 Fleer Update

A darkened picture - definitely not the greatest, but standard mid-80s card look

1991 Leaf

1994 Upper Deck

A couple Pat Borders cards in a row - a solid hand behind the plate in the early 90s

1995 Score

1997 Topps

2002 Dontuss Fan Club

Really like the card as the colours suit the Blue Jay team colours so well

2002 Fleer Finest

2003 Topps Opening Day

Really like this card - Roy Halladay was such a great pitcher, sad he had to leave Toronto to try and find success, but doesn't change his successful hall of fame career, a good chunk of which was in Toronto.

2003 Upper Deck 40 Man

Hadn't heard of this set before - nice pictures and average card layout - also was never a fan of Shannon

2008 Upper Deck Documentary

The challenge of challenges for a base set collector - if there is a larger set out there, I don't know about it. How big? Well, this is card number 4256....a very different and interesting set, but a massive one nonetheless.

2010 Topps Opening Day

2011 Bowman Chrome

This is a tough one for is labelled a Toronto Blue Jay card, but he didn't play a single game for the Jays but instead proceeded through the minor league system and was released by the Jays organization in late 2014 without reaching the majors. I'm kind of torn whether I should keep it or not, but am leaning towards yes since it is a Blue Jay card in name on the actual card....

2013 Topps

2015 Topps Update

Best for last as far as pictures go - lpve the stretched out Carrera pose.

So with that

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