Saturday, April 14, 2018

8 for 1

I have no problem giving up more cards than I am getting, especially when I am getting cards I am missing and giving up cards that can help someone else. That is what happened with a small trade I did with MMehler30 at TCDB. He had only wanted a single card - a 2008 baseball insert of Prince Fielder (though I sent him a few other cards anyway).

In return I got these.

1992 Nabisco Jays cards that I didn't have before are a great add. Not sure Garth really wants to brag about that .258 lifetime average though.

The rest of the cards were filling 1987 Topps needs...

Really like the Gary Carter All Star card - the happy smile is just who I remember him to be.

A great thanks for the trade and happy to have been able to move a few cards in the trade as I continue on the way to 5,000 cards traded away this year.


  1. Love the Nabisco cards.. I finally finished that set

    1. Congrats. Given your collecting of Jays and Expos, definitely one you had to complete.