Sunday, April 1, 2018

No April Fool

I was thinking this would be a great day to talk about forgeries, fake cards and the like and the fools who make such things. Maybe another time though. Hopefully I didn't make a fool of myself today though as I placed my first order with First Row Collectibles ( I saw their 40$ off madness sale which is on singles, and ended up with some other stuff instead. Was it a good idea? Well, I have to wait and see what shows up to be honest but I have heard good things about them, so now to see what it is like first hand.

As for recent pick ups - I happily picked up some new Artifact cards for the Magic card collection.

I recently did a survey, reward for which was a $20 gift card. Since I spent my half hour doing the survey, I thought why not spend it on cards, since it was basically free money anyway. So, I went to 401games after placing an order online and picked the cards up. I debated more cards or less but higher value, and ended up going for more middling priced and got about 40 cards for $20. I also aimed for a few sets that I don't have many cards from to fill things out a bit.

The Dark:

These cards are out of 1994 and generally not cards that have a place in my Artifact deck then (or now), but a couple fun cards nonetheless.

Coal Golem just is classic, awesome, artwork from early Magic cards - that alone made it worth picking up.

Wand of Ith could be fun in forcing choices on opponents to help them lose their own life.

7th Edition

Beast of Burden could be a pretty interesting card if you swarm a lot of little creatures.

These are cards I have in different sets, but 7th had a ton of different artwork, so I wanted to pick these up.

I am a sucker for massive creatures like the Hulk here, but the flavour text makes it that much better. Some of the flavour text is so much better than the card themselves.

This Wall of Spears artwork is much better than the original and is clearly a wall made up of spears.

9th Edition

Like 7th edition, 9th was not a set I was around playing at the time, to collect. 7th was the cusp of my leaving the game for the decade or so that I did while 9th was a few years into the time off.

I picked up a couple foil parallels. Interesting having the black borders on the parallels when the base set is otherwise in white borders.

Aladdin's Ring was always a nice use of extra mana and an ability to do a quick 4 damage.

Howling Mine was the most expensive of the cards I picked up being $4. It was great for getting more cards as my artifact decks always seemed plentiful for mana, and no cards to use them on. I still prefer the older picture, but this one is decent too.

Rise of the Eldrazi

Just the one card from the set as I needed to round out the price on the purchase.

A great lot of cards to add to the collection, and I like the old white borders. The black does look sleeker, but I remember playing without sleeves, the white borders getting a bit dirty, and sitting there with soft erasers cleaning them up without damaging the cards.

A different time, a different games in many ways too.


  1. I've ordered from First Row a few times.. Great guy to deal with..
    I've also done trades with him.