Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wrestlemania Predictions

Why not take an opportunity to either look really smart or really foolish with some predictions for Wrestlemania tonight? No card pics on this one if that's what you are looking for, but I have my |usual" daily post up already earlier today if you haven't checked it out yet.

First - anyone who did not see the NXT Takeover event last night - watch it. Up and down the card, great matches and great wrestling. Loved the ladder match, and Johnny Wrestling was awesome as usual.

So in no particular order....

CW Championship Match - Cedric vs Ali
The choice is Cedric if everything were as I would expect - I think the babyface win is needed and I think they then might have Ali win it at the Greatest Royal Rumble special on April 27th.

Winner - Cedric

Andre Battle Royal
These are so wide open and don't have a real great prize for the winner beyond bragging rights so it could easily be a number of guys such as Elias (though I don't think he needs the extra accolade right now), Corbin (who would be a two time winner), Matt Hardy, or even a returning Samoa Joe or Big Cass. With it being such a toss up - I am going with Matt Hardy in hopes it gives a little something more for him to elevate him to the main event, but I don't have a lot of faith in this one.

Winner - Matt Hardy

Women's Battle Royal
Like the men's, fairly wide open. I am going to guess they use it to further the Sasha / Bayley issue and have them final two or three. If they are going with the Bayley heel turn, then I think Bayley wins by being a meanie.

Winner - Bayley

Shane/Bryan vs Zayn/Owens
Daniel - please don't kill yourself, otherwise this should be a great match. I am not sure if there will be shenanigans, but I hope they are post match - Daniel deserves to win his first match back.

Winner - Shane / Bryan

AJ / Shinsuke
Honestly, I don't care who wins as it should be a great match that both deserve, and after Wrestlemania, they should both still be in the title picture. Given I want AJ to have a great Wrestlemania moment...

Winner - AJ

Miz / Balor / Rollins
Honestly, I think it is a toss up, so I am going to say that Balor and Rollins cost themselves the match and Miz steals it.

Winner - Miz - he is awesome after all, and a new dad

Orton / Roode / Mahal / Rusev
I would normally go with Rusev winning since Wrestlemania is happening on Rusev day this year, but with him being added fairly last minute, I don't think that is the plan they were going with. I think Orton retains, but Mahal gets positioned to get the belt back from him, maybe later this month.

Winner - Orton

Undertaker / Cena
It will happen, and it will happen tonight, but I am hoping it isn't Undertaker, but insead the American Bad Ass. I mean, Kid Rock is there, some of the lines and Cena taunts have teased it, and Taker "hung it up" last year. Heck, I would love an impromptu Kid Rock singing the Wrestlemania theme with Cena in the crowd - front row along the entranceway....As the song ends, Kid Rock is near Cena, turns to him and simply says "He's here" and goes into American Bad Ass as Taker comes out.

Winner - American Bad Ass

Bliss / Jax
Conventional wisdom tells me, this is the squash for the night. Bullying is bad - Bliss has been a bully, Jax will be a star and squish her quickly. I'd rather see Alexa steal a win, but don't think it is in the cards.

Winner - Jax

Usos / Bludgeon / New Day
This one is a toss up, and when that happens, I stick with the champs. I think this is a fierce battle, but Usos steal it like I want to see from the Bliss match.

Winner - Usos

Braun vs The Bar
I originally thought Hawkins would be the perfect partner for Braun as a mascot / loser, but the way they are going I could even see them go the route of Kane or Big Show even with the issues they have had, regardless - Braun will win and The Bar will get these hands...

Winner - Braun

Here is where I might look foolish....what I think are the "gimmies"

Brock vs Reigns
Unless WWE and UFC have gotten all cozy together, Brock is gone after tonight and going to UFC. Reigns will win, the build has been done for this, it has to happen, and frankly, if this goes on last, I hope they have another plan because the place may riot. Reigns needs to be a heel and unless that comes with the win tonight....yikes. This may be as ugly as Goldberg / Brock back in the day.

Winner - Roman Reigns

Kurt/Ronda vs HHH/Steph
No way Ronda is losing in her first match, and her making Steph tap out does nothing but start the slow build for her over the next year. Kurt and HHH will carry the wrestling, but Ronda will end it with Steph.

Winner - Ronda/Kurt

Charlotte vs Asuka
The streak remains alive, and if the match above goes well for them, the build for Rousey vs Asuka, The baddest woman on the planet vs the streak at Wrestlemania 35 begins.

Winner - Asuka

Regardless of all the above, it will be a fun night - hope you all enjoy!


  1. Damn, good call on Matt Hardy!

    1. Makes up for the Brock and Charlotte surprises I guess.