Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cube Break - Hockey Power Cube

So I saw a bunch of these new repack cubes at Walmart a couple months ago. I left them a few times, but with a price of just under $20, I knew I would pick up one eventually. Well, eventually is today, so let's see what the $20 gets you.

So for $20 we get:
1) A...I am going to say 200 card count...nice plastic box for card storage
2) 65 loose cards
3) 7 packs of cards

So you end up paying say $2 per pack - not too bad, but let's see what the packs are...

Well, two new ones for the unopened pack collection with the two newest Upper Deck packs, the rest I will open....tomorrow....

On to the 65 cards...of which, about 20 are early 90s Bowman (boo). I won't bother showing the duplicates, but here are the goodies I am keeping...

Two Leafs (yay) but I had both of them already (boo). The 2014-15 Gold Medallion Ultra parallel is fine - I like the wording better than the older ones that were sheer full gold background.

I don't have a ton of 2012-13 cards in my collection so nice to see the bunch of O Pee Chee and Score cards here.

More new hockey cards - here getting into 2015-16 Upper Deck. My favourite is the Perry, but overall, I will say I like the somewhat understated design. The colour swatch down the side doesn't take up too much of the real estate while adding a nice little dose of team colour.

2016-17 is another decent and understated design that works well. Nice to pick up a Young Gun card as well, though I don't chase after these as much as many.

So overall - decent so far on the buy. Tomorrow I will crack open the packs that I am not keeping, then we can see if the purchase was worth it overall.


  1. I’ve thought about picking up one of these cubes but the 4 packs of 2012 Score turns me off. Good luck on whichever packs you decide to open; hopefully you land a nice Young Gun.

  2. Never seen those Score cards before. I really like them