Saturday, April 7, 2018

Another Dollarama Weekend

Seems to be a fun way to spend a weekend, take a $3 pack of 80 baseball cards, split it over the weekend and see what comes of it. So, let's partake again today (and tomorrow). What I look for in these are of course, Blue Jays, maybe some inserts, older cards are nice to see, and anything that I otherwise don't have, and today I get a bit of everything.

The Jays are great getting 3 in 40 cards. The fact I get a 1982 Topps Garcia which I didn't yet have is icing on the cake.

To be honest, I thought the 1st Edition stamp meant this was a parallel card a set available to Topps Home Team Advantage Dealers - thanks Billy! - from 2004 Topps. I didn't know the gold foil was a parallel for the 2008 Topps set. I don't have many, but may have to go back and see if I happen to have missed having one or two others....

As for the keepers...

Wow! A 1978 card is a nice pick up, even if it isn't in perfect condition. A bunch of 1988 Topps aren't too bad either since it is a set I will (one day) finish.

The other new cards to me are more recent (of which I don't have as many).

The only down side from this half is the fact I didn't need half the pack. I don't mind when it is about a third, but half is a bit much. I will let it go this time with the three Jays though, can't win it all.

No surprise that there is a lot of Topps late 80s here, and even early 90s. Just what happens with these packs.

A great start to the pack though for the most part...we shall see about tomorrow's half soon enough!


  1. The 1st Edition is not actually a parallel. It was a standalone set, in it's own packaging, only available to Topps Home Team Advantage dealers.

    1. Forgive my ignorance on the 1st edition - with how good the TCDB is, I took the set being listed as a parallel to the 2004 Topps set to mean a parallel of that set. Appreciate the knowledge though, and for my purpose, I'll probably still stick with it in the same vein since it is a "special" release given to such dealers.