Sunday, April 8, 2018

Less can be more - sometimes

Today, the second half of the Dollarama 80 pack, but first, as with everyone else, my heart goes out to all of the families hurting from the fatal crash in Saskatchewan seeing the Humboldt Bronco team bus T-boned with about half the team dying from the accident. Such a sad tragedy.

Puts everything else into perspective a bit....

This would be the reason I picked the pack in the first place. Of the our cards showing, this was a Jays card that I didn't have, and that was a good enough reason to pick the pack. Unfortunately, this was the only Jay from this half of the pack. I also just noticed, you can't even read Yunel's name on the front given the silver on black.

A nice variety of parallels and inserts here. The typical Bowman "everything is an insert", but also another gold foil Topps, but best of all is a Glossy Fleer Devon White card - very nice!

The rest of the keepers...

No cards this time, that go into the 70s, but a couple more 1981s isn't too shabby to go with the few 1988 Topps needs as well.

I really like the card stock of the Goudey cards, though I only have a dozen or so of them I believe.

Identical to yesterday, half the cards here - dupes...

Nothing too exciting in the dupes and traders. I don't have the Classics Gold card, but minor league stuff is just not my thing. First card I have ever seen from the set and seems very 90s in design - take that for what it's worth.

Yesterday was the winner to me, but a fun weekend activity still!


  1. I'm with you on the Goudey's. One of the more interesting reboots. I still like the first year in the smaller (original) size.

    1. Yes - I like the smaller original for these as well.