Saturday, April 21, 2018

A lack of Magic in this one...

To be honest, after opening this pack of 100 Magic cards for $4 from Dollarama - I don't think I will be doing one of these again for a while. It is pretty hard to feel a bit ripped off on one of these, but there is really not much for me in it, except a pile of cards to get rid of unfortunately.

Here are all the Artifact cards I got....

Yes - 100 cards, and I only got two. Now typically, there are not a ton, but I expect to get at least 5, and best case maybe 10, so quite low on that regard.

The only saving grace is that the Razorfield Rhino is new for me, and a nice big beastie as a 6/6 typically if you play an artifact deck, for a cost of 6.

Though generally a let down, best to look at a few of the cards that are a bit interesting at least.

Leveling up was an interesting change. Don't really see it any more, but an interesting change to the cards that could have been interesting if continued.

A nice big creature which will generally end up just being a defender given the ability.

I like big baddies, and a 5/5 creature for 5 mana isn't bad, but the ability to be an 8/8, excellent.

Not every day that you have a 0/0 creature, there have been a few, but not many. Interesting as the number of creatures in all graveyards could be pretty big.

Nice to get a rare card, though not an overly useful one.

I like this one for the picture more than anything else - reminds me of the older style of Magic cards for whatever reason.

Lastly, another rare card that isn't greatly useful, especially given it is a Jace card and Jace is generally a pretty powerful character.

So yeah, not a great pack, but a pack nonetheless....hopefully a better go tomorrow!

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