Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Dollarama Repack, same problem

So a couple days ago, I finished one of these repacks without a single Jay, which I thought was shocking. Apparently the card Gods decided to test it a bit further as today, and the first 40 of the next repack....not a single Jay yet again!

Not all bad though....

Here is an insert set I had never seen before - though it is only 6 cards. Well, if there was something from those years I would expect to find new, it would be a small insert set card like this.

I also picked up an error card - this one being a simple incorrect date of birth, but still counts for my collection of such errors.

Now, all in, I can't complain too much about this half pack because I do end up not having 75% of the cards...here are the rest of the keepers:

Not the earliest of cards out of this one - only going back to 1985 Fleer.

Well, at least there is some Canadian content with a couple Expos, but I really like the Bo Jackson card. It's quite simple but the pose works well...I like it a lot.

Another interesting card with the Frank Thomas - and a 50 card set for what looks like a sweepstakes card. Add in the 2003 Fleer Showcase card and that's two new to me sets in this half repack.

As for the few dupes...

Cliff freakin' Floyd....should have known he would show up again some time soon.

Last card...

I didn't know that the Packers counted for baseball - I guess because this is a multisport set, it ended up here...

Other half tomorrow...


  1. Cliff as a Senator loves you, I guess lol

  2. Is that Warrensburg NY that he is playing for?

    1. Cliff played for Harrisburg, though it does look like a W there.

    2. Yeah he played for the Harrisburg Senators. They're a minor league team for the Washington Nationals, and before that, Montreal Expos.

  3. Replies
    1. Was so focused on it being a duplicate, but yeah, if you are going to get a 1987 Topps card, Barry is a decent one to get.