Monday, August 20, 2018

So good, I need a cigar

C2Cigars over at The Trading Card Database is a great guy, always looking to help and one of the many friendly and positive people there, busy in the forums, but also buys with surprise packages.

I received one recently which made my day. 

Actually, same day, before checking the mail, I had to go out and help a small bird off the street because well, the kids saw it and were worried. I think it was very young and must have fallen without the ability to fly back. It must have been well jarred as it let me pick it up (with gloves on of course), move it, put a bit of water in front of it, and after about an hour or so, he had enough energy to get into a nearby tree. I think he may have an issue with one of his legs, but if he can fly at least, has a good chance going forward. The kids were a bit jarred by it, but happy the bird was safe.

Well, after that ordeal, I hit the mail box on the way in, and found these for my collection...

I am actually doing quite well on this team set, though the rookies for Auston and Marner may elude me for a while...

There was also...

Honestly - I like the red parallel better than the base green, even if the green screams Parkhurst a lot more.

Excellent cards, great adds, and a good day for an extra smile! Oh, and if he is reading, there is a thank you return envelope off to C2Cigars as we speak!


  1. I actually had a copy of the Leipsic and I want to say Andersen in the stack I had for you but misplaced. Do you want them when I find it? Chuck has hit me with cards unexpected a few times as well. Also the only Database member I've met in person.

    1. Absolutely I will still take them when you find them. Although in the database, I only have Jays and Leafs on my ant list if I don't have a copy, I happily take duplicates of any. Heck, I have done trades for 5 copies of the same Leaf card, and I already had 2. :)

  2. Ok... hopefully I can find them soon. I'm so clueless sometimes.